2-Manual Keyboard Stack – $100

For sale is a two-manual keyboard stack. I have reason to believe they are Aeolian-Skinner but I can’t confirm that. (Please correct if you know for sure.) They are in pretty good condition, but will need some love before going back into service.

The issues: The swell (top) manual has yellowed keys (plastic), much moreso than the bottom (great). There is one key that has a broken common wire, and is subsequently disconnected from its spring and guide, etc. You can see this in the picture. I have the removed items. Wiring is in good shape however it was cut short and is not color-coded. You’re better off planning on re-wiring. I would also plan on giving the key pins/bushings cleaning and lubrication, as the key actions are not too smooth. There is visible oxidation on the rear key pins, and I would assume on the front pins as well. It could also be just an inherently poor design.

There is a number: c189 stamped on these. I don’t know what it means.

The finish is in pretty decent shape, with typical wear and scratches. These are hinged in the back.

If you want this keyboard restored and rewired and cleaned up, especially with the idea of using it for MIDI applications, I can do that for you. Please contact me for an estimate.

No shipping. Free pickup in Wood Dale IL. Delivery available within 100 miles round trip of Wood Dale, for a fee of $1 per mile (round trip).