Moller 5201

For sale are parts of the console from Moller opus 5201 (style 40), which was originally in the Strand Theatre, Port Jervis NY. These are the important parts of the console that could be incorporated into a new shell. Would be a great project for someone.

Included are the manuals (2), keydesk, stop and effects rails, kickboard, and pedalboard.

The manuals are in great shape with original two piece tops. The keydesk for mounting is also included. The accompaniment manual (should) have second touch. I didn’t verify at time of posting.

The stop and effects rails are also in good shape, but note that they are not electrified. Note the rollers for controlling the crescendo and shades by hand.

The kickboard has several toe pistons that are second touch. The kickboard is very stoutly constructed.

The pedalboard is in ok shape and missing the back cover (over the back springs). Should also have second touch, again not verified at time of posting.

Limited additional information here:

$750 OBO. Free pickup near Gurnee, IL, or delivery for a fee of $1 per mill round trip from Gurnee. Willing to go up to 200 miles round trip.

Contact if interested!