Available for free or donation to a church or school, is a Premier baby grand piano. Premier Pianos were quality pianos of their time. It has a serial # of 35673, which dates it at about 1923. The case is in beautiful condition, which along with the keytops, were restored sometime within the last 20 years. It has some repairs to a crack in the soundboard. It was not shimmed, but was screwed, as you can see in the pictures. It does not seem to buzz. The strings are original except for a few, and are definitely due to be replaced. It hasn’t been tune in some time, so I cannot vouch for its stability. Hammers and dampers seem in good shape and have a decent sound, but of course it would benefit from some voicing work. They (the felts) may not be original but are definitely not new. This piano has potential if the taker is willing to make a small investment in it. It otherwise is a beautiful piece of furniture and well worth saving even should no work be done.

This needs a new home by early January. Piano is located in Grayslake Illinois. Taker is responsible for moving it or arranging a move. Please contact me if you are interested! Thank you!