Facade Skeleton
The facade’s support skeleton is in place. This was back together in one day!

The one thing that, honestly, will allow this project to come to fruition, are the GREAT volunteers from the parish who have been and will be helping put this organ back together. So far, our volunteers have:

  • Removed very heavy, and awkward components, gracefully from difficult locations
  • Likewise removed many small pieces and expertly organized them
  • Loaded and unloaded many truck and trailer loads of organ parts
  • Moved the music library from St. Peter’s
  • Cleaned, polished, and reconstructed the facade woodwork
  • Helped to reassemble the blower
  • Removed an entire organ in Wisconsin in one day!
  • Removed 100+ years of paint from the facade pipes
  • Cleaned many wooden pipes (and many more to go!)
  • Spread the word about the project






Dismantling the Chest
Dismantling a very heavy chest from St. Jerome. 

In the future, we still need lots of great volunteer help. Those tasks will include:

  • Reinstalling the facade pipes
  • Installing large wooden pipes
  • Moving and installing completed organ components to the choir loft
  • “Plumbing” help: installing winding conduit.
  • What else? The list keeps growing!







St. Jerome Swell Shade Frame
St. Jerome Swell Shade Frame made it downstairs in one piece!

If you would like to help with this project, please contact the parish office, or contact Alex Fries via this website’s contact page, or, visit Alex in the choir loft after Mass.



Thank you all for your wonderful help! It was difficult, hot work sometimes, but we have always had fun, and learned a lot, together.