This listing has been updated as of 6-27-2023

For sale are many pipe organ components!

Seller wishes to sell ASAP.

I am not the seller. Please contact me, and I will relay you to the seller.

The first part consists of a mostly complete Hinners Opus 3037. The rest are various pipes and components. These items are spread out through 3 different locations, all relatively close together on the north side of Chicago. Buyer must pick up, crate, and pack. Help will be provided.

Ideally, one buyer will take everything. However, parting out will also be considered (by rank, set, etc.). The seller requests that the entire Hinners Opus 3037 stays together. Offers considered for all items. 

Please see the many pictures at the bottom of this page. Sorry, not all are labeled.

Below is most of what is included:

Hinners Opus 3037 includes:

  • Casework with facade (speaking and nonspeaking)
  • Three rank chest with rackboards.
    • Principal
    • String
    • Dulciana (which has been cut down to make a 4’ octave)
  • 16’ Gedeckt with chests (recently refinished)

Moller Pipework:

  • Opus 2472 Harmonic Flute (incomplete)
  • Opus 2472 Harmonic Horn (incomplete)
  • Opus 2472 Principal (incomplete)
  • Opus 2472 Violin Diapason (incomplete)
  • Opus 2472 Violin d’orchestre (incomplete)

Roosevelt Pipework?? (unlikely) (with toe and rackboards)

  • 2 2/3
  • 1 3/5

Stinkens Pipework (Roman mouths, various conditions):

  • 8’ Open Diapason
  • 4’ principal

Wicks Pipework:

Misc Components:

  • 1951 Moller tremulant
  • 1920’s Wangerin Chests (4 rank?)
  • Reuter Chests (3 rank)
  • Wangerin 16’ bourdon chests (3 rank and 6 rank)
  • Reuter Swell shades (4 sets of 3 in various conditions)
  • Wangerin Swell Shades (80”x64”)
  • Kilgen Opus 4715 2 manual Console with pedalboard?
  • Pedalboard for Electronic Organ (hammond?)
  • Cutler-Hammer Motor start & cutout. Wired for 220, can be 3-phase.
  • There are other miscellaneous chests, reservoirs, and pieces-parts that are not listed here.