Moller Pipe Organ

For sale is a Moller pipe organ, opus 6061 c. 1930. $5,000 OBO.

This organ was saved from going to the landfill. It was not operational at time of removal due to electrical issues in the building, so I don’t know how well it works. Offered as-is. It is likely all original, with a possibility of having been refurbished when relocated to a new building at the same location sometime in the 70’s. Consider this needing a releathing job at the least. It is understood from conversations with members of the congregation that it was last used many years ago and had some issues then, probably ciphers and such. The pipework is in fantastic condition for its age. The entire organ has been packed and removed from the church. The room it was in was rather small and carpeted. It would be fantastic for a home or small chapel! This is a very typical small Moller from the time.

The ranks are as follows:

(All 8’ ranks have top octave extensions; organ was highly unified/duplexed)
16’ Bourdon (12)
8’ Diapason
8’ Flute
8’ String
8’ Reed (Oboe)
Single Chime (see photos, activated by toe piston)

The console is in original condition with all pneumatics and mechanical actions. Cables to chamber were cut. Ivory keys in pristine condition. It’s a beautiful console!

Organ contains three chests: main chest, top octave extensions (mounted above main chest) and bass chest.

One reservoir.
One trem
One newer Meidinger Blower
Orgalectra rectifier (220v)
Two sets of pneumatic shades.
All windlines included (I think)
Ladders and walkboards included.

$5,000 OBO. Come pick it up for free near Gurnee IL, or delivery within 600 miles round trip thereof for a fee of $1 per mile. It fit into a 16’ cargo trailer when smartly packed.

More information here:

Contact if interested!