Some of the Vox Humana pipes installed for testing.

The 8′ Vox Humana was the original reed stop on the St. Peter Canitius organ. It will be incorporated into the Great division of the new organ.

About the Stop

The Vox Humana is a rank of pipes, that, by its name, should imitate the human voice. Well, I can guarantee you that it doesn’t. If anything, it more closely resembles a stifled clarinet.

Typically, this stop should be used with the tremulant on (vibrating airflow) and paired with another 8′ flute stop.

This stop will be voiced to be as mello as possible. Originally, this would also have been placed within a “box”. The original box no longer exists, but I believe to have a source for something similar. This box will also have a door on it that can open and close at the press of a switch.


Like most of this organ, this rank had suffered from years of poor storage conditions, and also years of neglect in situ.

The chest needed many small repairs, but thankfully all leather valves were still in good shape. New wiring and a new floor stand were made. The pipes were all cleaned! Some pipes were missing and have been replaced with similar style. Not all pipes are back in service yet. The lowest pipes require their shallots (what the reed vibrates against) to be leathered. This complicates the process slightly. But it is necessary as it tames the tone!

More updates to come as progress continues!